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I have been coaching product people and product teams since I transitioned into product leadership about fifteen years ago at Time Warner and CNN. There are many individuals, teams, and organizations that have seen huge product wins, major career transitions and promotions, and organizational transformations as a result of coaching collaborations with me


Here are coaching packages that I offer to help you, your team, or your organization get going with


All packages are based on time commitments from the individual and teams, and take into account the overall needs of the client partner 

Discovery Coaching (Problem and Solution Discovery)

I immerse with teams and product people to develop a product discovery practice and mindset that emphasizes falling in love with the problem, becoming obsessed with the customer and their pain points, and doing the testing and validation needed to diffuse and reduce the risks of product development. I conduct regular sessions with product teams to introduce and reinforce product discovery concepts and tools, stress-test your discovery process, review your product work, and unpack challenges and obstacles. I conduct Discovery Q&A Sessions with you–typically for an hour held every two weeks, where we discuss related to ongoing product discovery work.​

Product Leadership Coaching

This is specifically for leaders running product shops. I work with you, the product leader, conducting one-on-one coaching on product areas, product team definition and management, and stakeholder management as needed. Tapping into my deep and wide experience with product leaders across all varieties of teams and industries, my coaching with you will revolve around the following areas: 


  • Product Vision Development – I work with you to flesh out and define a product vision that aligns all the product work within your scope. The product vision informs all facets of the product strategy and product roadmap and sets the tone for all stakeholders. Without a product vision, your products have no anchor. 

  • Product Strategy Sprint – One of the areas that product leaders struggle significantly with is defining and executing a compelling product strategy that drives all product work. I work with you to come up with a simple yet powerful product strategy plus a comms plan that helps evangelize that strategy across the organization. 

  • Product Team Topology – What does a product team need to look like and work like? Product leaders are always grappling with this problem, and I coach the product leader in designing and reviewing the product team's topology for proper product team fit. I work with you to build strong product team roles and responsibilities, product interview training, candidate discovery and interviews. A key ask is in helping set up an effective onboarding program for new product managers. 

Product Career Coaching

What does a product management career look like? How do you make that product career a successful product career? My approach to Product Career Design is the same as the way I approach product design—using product frameworks, artifacts, and tools to develop personalized strategies and tactics for you to build and sustain a successful product career, with an understanding of what is needed for you to build a portfolio of product wins and recognition. With this coaching, I work with you, the product manager, to jet fuel your product management sense and knowledge, giving you the edge needed for product success at your company or business. 

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