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"Accomplished and acclaimed, Chidi Afulezi is known for bringing his unique brew of product management expertise to the benefit of his clients." 

As an experienced product coach, consultant, and instructor, I'm all-in when it comes to empowering teams, organizations, and individuals to become successful leaders and practitioners in the world of product management. Whether you represent a private business, a public sector entity, or you're an individual with big ambitions, my expertise is at your service.

So, if you're prepared to elevate your product management skills and strategies, you've come to the right place. 

Chidi Afulezi Product Coach
Chidi Afulezi Product Sensei and Instructo

Chidi Afulezi

Product Sensei

My work as a product coach and consultant has been wide and varied, with stints with product leaders, product teams, and organizations that span industries, geographies, and sizes. Leaning on product management experiences from a diverse and extensive intrapreneurial career leading product management at companies such as Sony Music, Time Warner, and CNN, I bring credibility that gives product people the confidence that they are acquiring valuable product toolkits and practice from their engagements with me. 

Drawing from my years of being a startup founder, I infuse an entrepreneurial and global mindset in the work I deliver, with Africa, Europe, and the US featuring heavily in my engagements. From product ideation, to testing and validation, all the way to product delivery, the goal is to provide the canvas to do product work. I specialize in the art of product discovery, strategy, and team development, combining these elements to craft products and services that customers truly love and enjoy. My unique frameworks and toolkits, backed by years of experience, have been enthusiastically adopted by a multitude of product-centric teams around the globe.

I am an experienced cohort based instructor, trainer, and digital transformation expert, doing work with senior government officials, digital and ICT agency leaders, and experienced thought leaders in Africa's public sector to drive innovative problem solving in the digitization space. My work in the public sector is focused on introducing and implanting product management as the key driver for African governments that are deploying digitization as a means of delivering and improving service delivery to citizens and improving standard of living.

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